Varicocele treatment for untreated varicocele

Complications of untreated varicocele

A Varicocele may cause following complications if left untreated:

  1. Pain and discomfort:

The varicocele if left untreated for a longer duration then, the pain that was dull aching in the initial stages of the disease will get worsened. The patient starts to feel dragging sensation in the groin region. The pain is usually less in the morning but it worsens as the day progresses. By the evening it’s not bearable. This pain causes a lot of discomfort and interrupts in day to day life. Patient is continuously aware of the pain and this can be pretty stressful at times.


  1. Alteration of testosterone levels:

Long standing varicocele also leads to decrease in the rate of formation of sex hormones that is testosterone in the patients. The decreased levels of testosterone lead to androgen deficiency in the male body. It can also lead to decrease in prominence of secondary sexual characters like hair on body etc. it leads to decreased libido and sexual drive of the patient.


  1. Testicular atrophy:

The varicocele is a bunch of dilated veins. The varicocele damages the sperm producing tubules. It results in first softening and later shrinking in the testicular size. The reason of the shrinking is not yet clearly understood. But, the valves which are damaged let the blood pooled in the veins. It causes the pressure in the veins to rise. The veins contain deoxygenated blood and have a lot of toxins in them. These toxins get released in the surrounding tissue and affect the testicular tissue. This ultimately results in damage of the testis and their size shrinks.


  1. Decreased sperm production:

The blood gets pooled in the pampiniform plexus which is situated exactly above the testicles. The blood gets stagnant in that location for a long duration of time. Ultimately it results in the rise of the local temperature. Normally, the temperature in the testicular sac should be lesser than the body temperature by 20C for the sperm production to take place. That is why the testicles are outside the body than inside, to regulate the temperature. But now, these dilated veins diffuse heat in the surrounding tissue resulting in the rise of the temperature in the testicular tubules forming sperms. The sperm production is thus slowed down or halted. Decreased sperm production is also known as azoospermia. It ultimately results in infertility. Varicocele causes infertility in almost 38% of the male infertility cases. It is also the most common correctable cause of male infertility.


  1. Benign prostate hyperplasia:

Some new research has come up linking the varicocele and benign prostate hyperplasia (enlargement of the prostate gland). In varicocele there is impairment of testicular venous drainage, this impairment leads to development of benign prostate hyperplasia in the patients suffering from varicocele for a long duration without treatment.


  1. Cosmetic changes in the genitalia:

The varicocele is aptly described as a sac filled with worms!! The varicocele causes cosmetic changes to the external appearance of the testis. This might cause the patient embarrassment and discomfort in reaching out to help. This will also lead to disinterest in having physical relations with the partner.


Getting the varicocele operated as soon as possible is very necessary to avoid the above mentioned complications!! Contact us to book an appointment with Dr.AbhilashSandhyala for Varicocele treatment Hyderabad