Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism means travelling for the purpose of medical treatment. Normally people travel from the less developed countries to the better developed countries for treatment. But now a days, the trend is changing. People are coming to developing countries like India to get treated for their medical conditions. Hyderabad is a booming destination for medical tourism. Highly skilled and trained medical professionals are available in Hyderabad to provide the international standard treatment. The same kind of procedures takes place in India at almost half the cost that of in USA.

Hyderabad is a one of the largest and most developed city in India. It has state of the art transport infrastructure that can help you commute to and from anywhere within as well from outside the country. It is home for many of the best and finest health care professionals in the country. The hospitals in the city provide care and treatments which are at par with international standards albeit providing it at a much lesser cost.

Vascular surgeon, Dr. AbhilashSandhyala is considered to be one of the best in his field, serving at many hospitals in Hyderabad. “Vascular interventions” by Dr.AbhilashSandhyala has gained tremendous reputation for the minimally invasive treatments of vascular surgeries with procedures like EVLT for varicose veins treatment, Fibroids Embolisation, Varicocele Embolisation& other Endo-vascular treatments in Hyderabad.

Dr. AbhilashSandhyala is a full time practising interventional radiologist. He is compassionate and dedicated in providing comprehensive care to the patient in a friendly environment to get the best of the results.Dr. AbhilashSandhyala believes in providing best of the care which is personalised and complete.

Dr. AbhilashSandhyala is certified by renowned NTRUHS (Dr. NTR University of Health Science, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) in Radio diagnosis. He has done an Official fellowship in “Vascular and Interventional radiology” from the prestigious K.E.M (King Edward Memorial) hospital. At K.E.M, he got extensive hands-on training in treating the most complex vascular problems which many interventional radiologists are inept at handling.

Most of the procedures done at Vascular Interventions are one day procedures. Patients usually get discharged within few hours of the procedure. Mostly anaesthesia is not required for these. All these factors lead to decrease in the risk of the operation, and hassle free medical environment.  As the surgeries are minimally invasive, the risks of infection are negligible.

“Vascular interventions” by Dr. AbhilashSandhyala is one of the best destinations to undergo treatments for endovascular procedures!!