Sclerotherapy for Varicose Vein Removal

Sclerotherapy is a clinical treatment that is used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. During sclerotherapy, generally, a salt solution is injected directly into your veins. This solution irritates the lining of the blood vessels by causing it to collapse and stick together resulting it blood clot formation. With time these blood vessels turn into scar tissue that fades from the view.

Candidates for Sclerotherapy

An initial consultation is required before sclerotherapy. You need to consult your doctor who can help in deciding whether you are a good candidate for sclerotherapy or not. You will not be eligible if you are pregnant.

You can be an eligible candidate for sclerotherapy if you are taking birth control pills. In case if you have had a blood clot in the past, the decision depends on the overall conditions of an individual.

Why is Sclerotherapy done?

Sclerotherapy is usually done to improve the appearance of spider veins. Sclerotherapy can also help in improving the following symptoms associated with varicose veins:

  • Severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Burning
  • Night cramps

How is Sclerotherapy Done?

During sclerotherapy, a salt solution is injected through a fine needle directly into your veins. Initially, you may experience mild discomfort and cramping for few minutes. The discomfort is generally experienced especially in the cases when the larger veins are injected with the solution.

In one session, the number of veins injected depends on the location and size of the veins. The general medical condition also needs to be considered when the deciding the number of veins. Usually 2-3 sessions are required for the complete treatment.

The surface vein that needs to be treated will be marked by using an ultrasound scanning procedure. Local anesthesia is administered in the lower thigh or mid calf. A needle will be placed into the vein by using an ultrasound scanning technique.

The vein will be flushed with a solution containing heparin. Heparin is a blood-thinning agent that is used. Additionally, 2-3 smaller needles are also inserted into the varicose veins of your legs and will be flushed.

After injection of the salt solution, your legs will be elevated above the couch and a small volume of foam solution is injected at a time into each of the needles already injected into the varicose veins. You will be asked to bend your ankle up and down to increase the blood flow in your deep veins.

You will experience mild stinging and soon after the injection of the foam and is usually painless. The foam in your veins can be monitored by using ultrasound scanning. Foam injections will be repeated 2-3 times depending on the treatment.

After enough administration of the foam in the varicose veins, the needles can be removed and the bandage will be applied in order to compress the treated veins. An elastic compression stocking can be used.

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