How Varicocele Cause Infertility

How Varicocele Cause Infertility

Varicocele is one of the common causes of infertility in men. In past, it was generally believed that infertility is due to a woman’s inability to conceive, but according to the recent research, most men diagnosed with varicocele are infertile. Couples are considered infertile when they are unable to conceive after having irregular unprotected intercourse for a year.

Facts according to Medical Studies

  • A strange but an important fact is that, in up to 50% of the couples who are unable to conceive and achieve a healthy pregnancy, the male partner is diagnosed with male factor infertility
  • A large number of male factor infertility issues are related to disease conditions like varicoceles. Varicocele is diagnosed in around 40 % of the infertile men.
  • The varicocele infertility rate is also high in couples who have successfully had a child and are having a difficult time in conceiving for the second time.

How Varicocele can affect Fertility?

There are different factors that are responsible for the male infertility whereas, varicocele stands at the top of the list of potential causes. Varicocele generally causes blood to pool that creates an elevated temperature in the scrotum. This condition generally leads to reduction of number of sperms that are produced. Varicocele may also lead to abnormal sperm and poor quality and quantity of sperm.

Varicocele can affect fertility in the following ways:

  • Low sperm count


When you are suffering from varicocele, a warm environment is created in the scrotum that eventually decreases the sperm count and increase the risk of infertility. Normally for a male reproductive organ to function properly extreme warm temperatures are not suitable. Generally, there is around 40% of drop in sperm count for every degree of elevated temperature in the scrotum and testis. Low sperm count is reported in around 50 % of men with male factor infertility.

  • Lower levels of testosterone


Lower levels of testosterone are usually related to varicocele and can also affect the sexual functions in men.

  • DNA damage in sperm


According to the research study, varicocele may cause DNA damage in sperm. Men with varicocele are more likely to have damaged sperm than healthy men who does not have varicocele.

Abnormal sperm may also develop due to certain disease conditions like: testicular inflammation, swollen veins in your scrotum and abnormally developed testicles.

  • Low semen quality


Poor semen quality is generally due to the certain imbalances in your body. Varicocele is responsible for causing an imbalance in your body. A good quality of semen is required for sperm to be healthy and motile. Your fertility specialist will generally test semen quality first if you’re suffering from varicocele.

For testicular varicocele treatment, you can consult Dr. Abhilash Sandhyala. Early treatment for varicocele is important to avoid the risk of infertility. Testicle varicocele treatment is possible at competitive rates. Early diagnosis of testicular varicocele can help in avoiding complications such as infertility in men.

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