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Varicocele Embolisation – A Case Study

A Case Study on Varicocele Embolisation

Clinical History

A 25 year old male patient had come to me 6 months back with complaints of inability to have sexual intercourse, inability to maintain erection and reduced sperm count. He also complained of pain in the scrotum. On examination he had the typical ‘bag of worms’ in the left scrotum. A doppler examination diagnosed it as varicocele with reduction in size of the left testis.


The patient was then counselled about the benefits of ‘Embolisation’ Vs ‘Surgery’.
He was clearly told that, even though the technical success rate of the embolisation is 98 %, the chances of pregnancy is 50 % only. This is however higher than surgery where the chances vary from 30 % – 50 %.
The other advantages of embolisation is that, it’s a day care procedure and the patient would be discharged within 6 hours from the procedure. And there would be no scars. And also no pain involved.
The recurrence rate of varicocele following embolisation is also very minimal when compared to surgery.


On the procedure day, after the necessary investigations we shifted the patient to the cath lab. A very small nick was given on his right leg ( < 1.5 mm ) to access the femoral vein. Through a vein we inserted a catheter ( a long tube ) to access the left internal spermatic vein through which the varicocele drains. We then inserted multiple coils ( embolic material which block the supply ) into the spermatic vein. After insertion of these coils, a check venogram showed no flow in the vein confirming successful completion of the procedure. The patient was awake throughout the procedure was conserving actively.

Post Procedure Care

The patient was then observed for 4 hours. He was then discharged with antibiotics for three days.


The patient was followed up one week later when he confirmed that his pain has subsided and his ability to sustain an erection and have normal intercourse has improved. Even his sperm count had improved.
The patient was then told to follow up after 6 months. Recently he had come back with a good news that he is going to be a father soon.

We at Vascular Interventions Hyderabad congratulate him and wish him success and happiness in life. For more details on Varicocele Treatment in Hyderabad please contact us.